4 Popular Cat Breeds in the United States

Cats are one of the most common household pets in the world. People love adopting and purchasing cute kittens and seeing them grow into curious, playful adult felines. While most cats make great pets due to their general compatibility with people and lack of aggressive or dangerous behaviors, some breeds of cats make better pets than others. Below is a list of five cats that are sought after pets and some of the characteristics that make them so popular.


Siamese Cat

Siamese cats have a very unique appearance. With their blue eyes and light colored hair, it is a very attractive animal. In terms of its demeanor, it is very curious and friendly. This social nature makes the Siamese cat an excellent household pet that is very compatible with humans. It is this combination of characteristics that makes the Siamese cat a popular pet.



Behind the Siamese, vetstreet recognized the Persian as the second most popular pedigreed breed of cat in America. Persians are known for their beautiful coat that distinguishes them from any other feline. For someone considering adopting or purchasing a Persian, prepare to care for this signature coat as it needs frequent grooming.

Aside from its striking appearance, Persians are very kind and gentle cats. For many people, the Persian’s quiet and loving nature makes any required grooming a small concession.


Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll is one of the most family-friendly cats on this list. It is has a very sweet nature and enjoys the company of people, meaning that it wouldn’t mind cuddling up with you on one of your missions chairs. The Ragdoll’s bright blue eyes and soft coat are physical features that compliment its kind disposition. For individuals or families looking for a loving and friendly pet, the Ragdoll is definitely a breed of cat to consider.


Bengal Cat

While the Bengal isn’t quite as social or friendly as some of the other popular cat breeds, its intelligence and tendency to be active are sought after characteristics. Bengals usually have black stripes or spots on their coats that resemble the Asian leopard cat from which they descend. These markings, mixed with shades of brown, silver or sepia make for a very distinct and intriguing appearance.

Despite their independence, the Bengal still makes for an excellent household pet and will enjoy attention when it’s not overdone. Considering the Bengal’s ancestry, it is important to know what generation of Bengal you are adopting or purchasing. Fourth generation felines are very docile in nature and are great for domestication. Second and third generation Bengals may be more temperamental due to their close genetic relationship to the Asian leopard cat.

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