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Fentch me a tissue ya little rat bastard..

via YouTube Capture … [Read more...]

rat clicker training

During my visit to Colorado I had the chance to clicker train some rats. They were great to work with and make for a good experience. … [Read more...]

Dogs Rank as Top 3 Motivator in Millennial Home Buying Decisions

In 2017, SunTrust Bank commissioned a study to determine why, exactly, members of today’s most populous generation, millennials, are buying homes. Surprisingly, pets ranked higher than marriage and … [Read more...]

Ferret Care – Cage and Housing Requirements

To view the next video in this series click: … [Read more...]

Ferret Training 102: Standing up Train your ferret to stand up Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - … [Read more...]

Bunny “lies down” on command

Twinkie is a bunny who acts more like a dog. We taught him dog commands such as "come here" and "run." He also gives kisses and binkies on command. … [Read more...]

Rabbit Gets a Makeover | ASMR / RELAXING

Enjoy this relaxing video of Lennon (my rabbit) getting groomed and LOVING IT! *No real make up was used!!!* Follow us: - … [Read more...]

The Shaggy Dog

Fred MacMurray heads an all-star cast that includes Jean Hagen, Tim Considine, Kevin Corcoran, and Annette Funicello in THE SHAGGY DOG. After years of on-the-job clashes with cranky canines, mail … [Read more...]

Playing With My Hamster

Hey guys, in this video I play with my hamster and record it, It was pretty cool Like the time lapse music?: like the outro music?: … [Read more...]

HOW Can your hamster stay still in your hands,Angel loves to stay in my hand,angel is so cute

Can your hamster stay still ?in your hands,Angle loves to stay in my hands. hello friends Welcome to my tube, INSPIRATION tube VARIETY . Crafts & Diy , Toys Snacks..and more... Make sure you … [Read more...]

How to Help Your Cat Enjoy Having a Bath?

SUNGLASSES FOR ALL - FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY! How to Help Your Cat Enjoy Having a Bath? In general, cats don’t like water. Unfortunately that also means that cats don’t like … [Read more...]

How to train your cat

Part 1 - Basic training for cats Patience, positive reinforcement, patience, persistence, and patience.... Kitsune T-shirts and other … [Read more...]

Bonding With & Taming Your Budgie

In this video, i will show you how to tame & bond with your budgies correctly. Since birds are somewhat skittish, it may take a long time to tame them and it is easy for them to loose their trust … [Read more...]

Smart rat trained to come when called!

More about my rats: Amy is a smart rat! She has learned to come running when I call her name. In return, she gets a few treats (chocolate rice … [Read more...]

Teach Dog to Stop Barking –

Want to learn how we train our dogs? Click here: Take our online dog training course here: What's the breed of the … [Read more...]

Cute and Adorable Hamster Tricks – Climbing Stairs, Peeling & Eating Sunflower seeds, Dribble Ball)

Dear Friends, cute Adorable Hamsters Doing Various Tricks, Climbing Stairs (Obstacle Course Cleared !), Peel & Eat Sunflower seeds (A seed peeling machine) , Dribble Ball (Soccer fan!) Invite You … [Read more...]

Your hamster bites ? Here is advice from a Hamster-whisperer :)

How to instantly calm & handle your biting hamster . P.S. He has a wheel which was out of view for filming. He has a rolling ball to move around every day in the sitting room. He has a portable … [Read more...]

Clicker Trained Cat: 30 Amazing Cat Tricks

Article about Kitty: Circus Cat (follow pointed finger, pedestal, sit pretty) Roll over Touch a Target Stick Perchwork, Follow a Target Stick 'em up (sit up on back legs, paws … [Read more...]

Teach a parrot to fly outside

This video shows how I trained my bird for flight outdoors. Your experiences will vary. DON'T DO THIS WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THE … [Read more...]

Teaching a Horse to Lunge with Gentle Horse Trainer Missy Wryn Teaching a horse to lunge with Gentle Horse Trainer Missy Wryn Watch FREE the Training the Whole Horse video series in it's entirety at … [Read more...]

Ferret Training for Kids

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Rat Leash Training – Nonnie’s First Day Out (pet rat videos) - Please like and subscribe for future rat videos!! If you want to see a video where my perfectly trained rat walks beside me like a dog, you've come to the wrong place!! … [Read more...]

Female ferrets die if not desexed – Day 23

Yes! It is true! Female ferrets can indeed die if they are not desexed or implanted to prevent them coming into heat. Alternatively you can bring a female ferret out of season with a Jill Jab (not … [Read more...]

Can Rabbits Use a Covered Litter Box?

Hi guys, welcome to our channel! Lennon is a free-roam Havana-mix bunny! --------------------- Our covered litter … [Read more...]

30 Bunny Tricks!!

30 bunny tricks in 2 minutes. … [Read more...]


I've "clicker trained" animals for more than 29 years. My cat Didga and I will teach you how to "charge" the clicker. From there you can teach your cat all sorts of things. Thanks for subscribing and … [Read more...]

Dealing w/ Cat That Scratches or Bites | Cat Care

Great Amazon Must Haves for any Cat Owner: Feline GREENIES Dental Treats for Cats: Four Paws Magic Coat Love Glove Cat Grooming Mitt: Bergan Star Chaser … [Read more...]

ENTER our FREE Giveaway Contest to Win a Pair of Winter Dog Work Boots

Enter our FREE Giveaway Contest to win a pair of Winter Dog Work Boots for your pet, to keep your dog's paws dry and comfortable and warm all winter! IMPORTANT All entries must be made on the … [Read more...]

EVERYTHING you need to know about HAMSTERS!! Tips, Tricks, and Advice for Hamster owners

(HAMSTER CAGE TOO SMALL! SEE LINK BELOW FOR LARGER UPDATED CAGE ) Learn helpful advice on how to care for your loving adorable pet hamster! My hamster, … [Read more...]

Cat training: Marie learns basic commands

Our teacup Himalayan kitten, Marie, has finally fully recovered from hernia repair surgery, so it was time for some basic training. Marie is quite sharp, picking up the commands within a couple of … [Read more...]

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