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Mouse Training Secret: How To Teach A Mouse To Walk Backwards

Believe it or not, walking backwards is one of the easiest tricks you can teach a mouse. This video makes you wanna buy a mouse? PLEASE read this notice befo... … [Read more...]

Ferret Care and Training Guide Video

Learn Little Known Secrets That Have Just Been Revealed On How To Care For Your Pet Ferret. Double Your Ferret's Life Span, Stop The Biting, End Bad Behavior... … [Read more...]

Ferret Training 302: Teaching a ferret to stay

This video is about how I taught my ferret, Joey, to stay using a wooden board as a mark. … [Read more...]

Super Cute Bowling Bunny

It took me longer to find/make the props than it did to train my rabbit to "bowl". This took one very short training session. Learn more about how to train y... … [Read more...]

How to train your dog to use Puppy Pads

It's time for another segment of "Get Akamai About Your Pet" brought to you by Gumbone! This week Niki from Shiba Inu Hawaii answers a question submitted by ... … [Read more...]

Training Tip: How to Crate Train Your Dog

Wendi Faircloth, Training Director at Villa La PAWS, shows & tells how to easily and successfully crate train your dog. For additional information on this an... … [Read more...]

Inside a hamster’s cheeks | Pets – Wild at Heart: Episode 1 Preview | BBC One

Programme website: X-rays show how golden hamsters store incredible amounts of food in their cheek pouches that can stretch all the way back to their ... … [Read more...]

How to make your hamster sleep

for a happy sleep. … [Read more...]

How to train your attack cat

My best buddy, Baghera, some 20 years ago... very fun to play with, entertaining "sparring partner" lol. … [Read more...]

Tiny Hamster’s Tiny Date (Ep. 5)

Subscribe for more videos! ▻ Check out the Tiny Hamster Valentines Cards!: Have a Happy Valentine's ... … [Read more...]

Horse Trick Training – How to teach a horse ‘Circle / Do a Pirouette’

Horse Trick Training Video that shows and explains how to teach a horse the trick "How to circle / Walk in pirouette". This basically means that your horse t... … [Read more...]

Teaching a Horse to Canter Depart

How to train your horse to pick up the correct lead. … [Read more...]

Teaching a Horse to Canter Depart

How to train your horse to pick up the correct lead. … [Read more...]

SMART DOG TRICK TRAINING – How to train a dog to search

This video gives a step-by-step explanation of how to train your dog to search for things. Star of the video is my cute chihuahua Socke who demonstrates how ... … [Read more...]

SCTA Presents- How to train rabbits

Bunnies are best as cute small little pets! So, if you want to train your cute rabbit,then you should start with this video. ... … [Read more...]

How to Train Your Dog to Back Up

Three Minute Dog Training - Get Back Cathy Lester has been training dogs for 30+ years. She lives in Centennial, Colorado with her two Border Collies and her... … [Read more...]

Hamster White Roborovski 2,5 weeks.mp4

Cara melatih hamster robo anda agar tidak kabur2an saat dipegang ketika dewasa nanti. :D Tapi cara ini bukan jaminan berhasil, karena tergantung sifat robo n... … [Read more...]

How to potty train your hamster

via YouTube Capture. … [Read more...]

HOW TO: Teach walk to canter.

So this isn't everyones way to teach walk to canter, but it's mine & it worked for me & my horse. Helpful Tips: 1) Every time you canter say the word to your... … [Read more...]

How to Target Train Your Parakeet

In this video I am showing you how to target train your parakeet. I also explain some of the benefits of target training. … [Read more...]

Cockatiel and Cockatiels – Bathing Your Bird – How to Give a Bird a Bath – Bathing Pet Birds

The Rules of Bathing While various bathing methods abound, there are a few simple rules that apply to bathing all pet birds: Use only plain, clear water. Alt... … [Read more...]

How to Train a Spooky and Unpredictable Horse

Hi, I'm Caroline Rider of Rider Horsemanship. This month's Holistic Horse “Ask the Expert” Q&A is about developing a confident, brave horse, both on the grou... … [Read more...]

Ferret Stories: How I got my ferret to cuddle and sleep on me

Purchase the Warm & Fuzzy eBook here: Visit the Ferret-World website on http:... … [Read more...]

Izzy: come command

my pet rat Izzy trained to come. I will post a video soon teaching you how to train your rat to do this command. … [Read more...]

Train your rat to go through a hoop

This is me training my rat Gouda to go through a hoop. Took literally 10 minutes. Soo simple any rat can learn it. Lol. Try it and let's know if it works for... … [Read more...]

Teach Your Dog 3 Tricks in 1 Day! Speak, Shake and…

Check out the Ovation Trainer from Midwest Homes for Pets: Support videos l... … [Read more...]

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