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How To Train A Horse Taylor Style

22000 veiws!?!?!?!?! THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow.....i cant believe how old this is.... Taylor TRYS to train a horse. VERY funny!!! … [Read more...]

How to Train Your Horse to Lunge : Safety While Free Lunging a Horse

Watch as a seasoned horseback rider provides important safety advice about free lunging a horse in this free online video about horseback riding. Expert: Kel... … [Read more...]

How To Train Your Parakeet Not To Bite (Better Quality)

Hi viewers and or subscribers! This seems to be a popular video so this seems like the good time to get this out to you 2000 people :) I am a person who just... … [Read more...]

How to Train a Parakeet to Go on Your Shoulder : Bird Care & Training

Subscribe Now: Watch More: Training a parakeet to go on your shoulder is... … [Read more...]

How To Train Your Rat To Jump

This video is how to train your rat to jump! I hope you enjoy! Please comment, rate, and subscribe (: … [Read more...]

Ferret Tricks (6 tricks “Hi 5”, “Rollover” and more)

Here's a video to show you how I trained him : Demon doing some tricks : "Stand Up", "Circle", "Rollover", "Give P... … [Read more...]

How to Train a Hamster

How to train a hamster to write my website name! For more info click here: and … [Read more...]

Hamster tricks

How to teach your hamster STAND and CIRCLE. Stand/Up/Beg- Take a treat. Let your hamster smell it then take the treat up, saying, "(command's name)". Reward ... … [Read more...]

How to Train a Cat : Use Scratch Posts to Encourage Good Cat Behavior

Scratching posts can encourage good cat behavior. Learn more in this free video. Expert: Adrienne Mulligan Bio: Dr. Adrienne Mulligan graduated from veterina... … [Read more...]

Train Your Cat to Let You Sleep

The answer to your nighttime prayers is here — Jackson Galaxy is explaining exactly what you have to do to ensure a good night's sleep, no matter what your c... … [Read more...]

How To Train Your Bird To Fly To Its Cage (VERY EXTREME TRICK OUTDOORS!!!!!!!!)⛔️

Repeat every single step in the video several times before going onto the next step It is very important that you do the trick inside before doing it outside... … [Read more...]


BIRDMAN DEMONSTARTION - BEST TRAINED BIRDS How to hand feed budgie, great demonstration of trust and love when budgie wants to feed you back...Id be more tha... … [Read more...]

Training rat to come when called.

This was my first attempt to train my rat to come when she was called. I gave her her favorite treat only if she comes to me when she's called. It's a carrot... … [Read more...]

Rattie Training Video: The Bucket Trick

This video features Tobias demonstrating how to teach a pet rat to pull up a bucket or a basket on a string! If the text in this video goes by too fast for y... … [Read more...]

“How long does it take to train a ferret?”

[Read more...]

My Rabbit Plays the Piano

It took Loretta about three sessions to learn how to transfer the digging behavior I taught her to the piano. She definitely gets very excited about learning... … [Read more...]

Small Pets : How to Litter Box-Train a Rabbit

When training a rabbit to use a litter box, make sure to use organic litter so that the rabbit won't get any respiratory infections. Find out how to place a ... … [Read more...]

How to train your dog to Cross their Paws dog trick tutorial

This is a clicker training video on how to teach your dog to cross their paws. If you dont have a clicker you can always use some other noise maker like a cl... … [Read more...]

Clicker Training – How to clicker train your dog

Clicker training - Learn how to use a clicker to train your dog and deal with behavior problems. Don't forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscrib... … [Read more...]

How to train you hamster

I will teach you how to train your pet hamster. … [Read more...]

Exposing Your Horse to Gunfire

Been asked many times how to train your horse for gunfire; never done it except for the occasional rifle shot while on the ground next to my horse. That's di... … [Read more...]

How to Train your Bird to Ride your Cat

If you ever wanted to know how to train your bird to ride your cat, the wait is over! Note: Only encourage your bird to be with your cat if you feel that you... … [Read more...]

How to Train Your Parakeet to Stay Out of a Cage : Bird Care & Training

Subscribe Now: Watch More: Training your parakeet to stay out of a cage ... … [Read more...]

How to Train Your Parakeet to Stay Out of a Cage : Bird Care & Training

Subscribe Now: Watch More: Training your parakeet to stay out of a cage ... … [Read more...]

how to train your rat to walk

Baby nova and speakers learning to walk nova kept turning off the camera. I taught them to stand up before this just hold up food above their heads (I use ma... … [Read more...]

Baby Ferret For Sale? Why adopt a Pet Ferret Learn how to choose a baby ferret for sale. Discover proper ferret toys. Train your ferret to stop nipping and biting. … [Read more...]

how to train your hamster to do tricks

If this video helped you, can always hit that subscribe for more videos!!! … [Read more...]

How to potty train a hamster

WATCH IN HD! Hey guys! Hamsters are very clean animals Which can be potty trained just like a cat! it's very easy! But sometimes A Hamster may not want to pe... … [Read more...]

How to Train your Dog: Beginning E-Collar Training

Jeff Feuerwerker, Certified Master Dog Trainer, Animal Behaviorist, demonstrates how to check to make sure your E-collar is fitted properly. He also shows so... … [Read more...]

how to train your dog to potty in one area

Click here : (How To Housetrain & Potty Train Any Dog) Click here : (Unique M... … [Read more...]

How To Potty Train Your Hamster

Hello everyone :) So I hope this helps you to potty train your hamster! It forked for my old hamster Snowy and it also works for Cookie :) Join us on the Ham... … [Read more...]

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