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Signs of a Serious Eye Injury or Condition in Your Pet

Many eye injuries are fairly minor. A minor poke in the eye with a blunt object can result in tearing and redness. Corneal abrasions -- a scratch on the eye's surface, or cornea -- often fall into the … [Read more...]

Signs of and First Aid for a Pet’s Minor Eye Injury

Pets of all species and sizes are prone to eye injuries and some owners may not know when it's appropriate to bring your pet to the vet clinic or the emergency room at the nearest animal … [Read more...]

Humane Society of the United States Highlights World Spay Day

February 28, 2012 has been designated as World Spay Day. This global event, which is supported by the Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International, focuses on the importance of … [Read more...]

Traditional e-Collars vs. Inflatable e-Collars

There is a new option for pets who have sustained a recent injury or undergone surgery! Traditionally, these dogs and cats are forced to wear a large, clunky e-collar, also known as an Elizabethan … [Read more...]

Using Sedatives for Pets While Traveling

Pets often get stressed out while traveling in the car or by airplane. Many owners seek to get sedatives for their dog or cat, to help calm them during the trip, but unfortunately, sedatives can be … [Read more...]

Safety Tips for Traveling With Cats and Dogs

Many animal lovers enjoy taking their pets along for the ride, whether it's a road trip, camping trip or a family vacation. There are a few things you should do to ensure your cat or dog remains safe … [Read more...]

Tips to Find a Lost Hamster, Gerbil or Other Small Pets

It's not uncommon for a small pet to get lost inside your home. Finding a lost hamster, gerbil, rat or another small animal can be rather difficult, especially if you have other animals inside the … [Read more...]

How to Find a Lost Snake, Pet Lizard or Other Reptile in Your House

When a small snake or reptile gets loose in your house, it can be difficult to find the pet in a timely manner and for some animals, time is really of the essence as without a heat lamp, they can … [Read more...]

What is Styptic Powder and How do You Use it?

Styptic powder is a handy tool for pet owners, but many don't know how to use it! Here, we'll explore the many uses for styptic powder and how to actually use it when your pet has an … [Read more...]

Alternatives to Giving a Pet as a Gift

Shortly after Valentine's Day, and again around Easter, there is a surge in the number of pets that are brought to animal shelters and rescue organizations. Why? These are animals who were Valentine's … [Read more...]

Tips for Making Lost Pet Posters

Lost pet posters are among the most important tools in your arsenal if you have a lost cat, dog, bird or another animal. It's important that your poster contains all the vital information and what's … [Read more...]

PetEdge and PetSmart Coupon Codes for February 2012

Stop by The Free Printable Coupon Website for info on how you can save on your next purchase at PetSmart or PetEdge with two promo code offers for February 2012. You can also get a free scarf when you … [Read more...]

What to do if You Lose Your Pet

That moment when you realize your pet is lost can be among the most terrifying experiences of your life. There are a number of things you can do to increase the chances that you'll find your lost pet, … [Read more...]

What to do if You Find a Lost Pet

Whether you've found a lost dog, cat, bird, rabbit, or another type of animal, there are a number of steps that you should take to ensure the pet finds his way home! It's vital that anyone who finds a … [Read more...]

Dog Nail Clipping Tips — Treating an Exposed Quick

When you accidentally clip a dog's nail too short, it's important to keep the foot clean and free of debris in order to promote healing and avoid infection. The treatment will depend on how short … [Read more...]

Dog Nail Trimming — Tips for Clipping a Frightened Pet’s Nails

Dogs can get extremely frightened by nail clippers. In fact, many pets get very dramatic during the nail trimming process, with lots of yelping, whining and sometimes, screaming! The vocalizations can … [Read more...]

The Animal Rescue Site Coupons for February 2012

Make your way over to The Free Printable Coupon Website for info on February 2012 coupons for The Animal Rescue Site. The offers include a promo code for $5.00 off your purchase (good for one day … [Read more...]

Get a February 2012 PetEdge Promo Code for a $10 Coupon

Make your way over to The Free Printable Coupon Website for info on a February 2012 PetEdge promo code, good for just two days. This offer is a bit unique; when you enter the discount code, you'll … [Read more...]

Sled Dogs Play Starring Role in Suzuki’s Super Bowl Ad

For the second consecutive year, Suzuki is throwing its ad/marketing hat into the ring during the Super Bowl with "Sled." This year, the stars of Suzuki's commercial (in addition to its Kizashi sports … [Read more...]

Pet Training Tools — Cat Alarms

Cat alarms are an extremely effective pet training tool, especially if you're trying to prevent your cat from accessing a particular location (or an area where he has been engaging in mischievous … [Read more...]

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