Tips for Pampering Your Pet on Special Occasions

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Setting aside time to treat your pets is a way to honor and celebrate the unique bond that you have with them. Although every animal will prefer different types of pampering over others, it’s certain that … Read More

Compare Pet Health Insurance Plans

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It is odd, but most pet owners never bother, and perhaps never even think about, obtaining Pet Medical Insurance, and I’m really not sure why this is the case. Almost everyone know just how important it … Read More

The 101 Dalmatians Musical – April 7-18, 2010 – at The Theater at MSG!

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Save 25% With Code “PAWS” The dogs are making their way in the big NY City! Take advantage of this exclusive ticket discount offer for “The 101 Dalmatians Musical” playing April 7-18th at The Theater at … Read More

L.A. Zoo Announces Birth of Rare Peninsular Pronghorns

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News Release March 23, 2010 **MEDIA ADVISORY** CONTACT: Elizabeth Leider / (323) 644-4273 L.A. Zoo Announces Birth of Rare Peninsular Pronghorns The Los Angeles Zoo is proud to announce the births of two rare Peninsular … Read More

WHS Ad – March 25, 2010 – Please Adopt Me

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Boots 195591 Boots is an amazingly laid back, easy going guy. He came in with a few of his friends when his owner became ill. He is 7 years old, but don’t let that number fool … Read More

Snails Have Unexpectedly Become Inland Fish: The Absurdities of the European Union Directives


Snails Have Unexpectedly Become Inland Fish
Roman snails (Helix pomatia) systematically belong to the helicid family, a group of terrestrial snails with spherical shells. These large, air-breathing snails live in south-eastern and central parts of Europe. They favor damp areas with long grass. So far they have been known under many names: Burgundy snails, edible snails, […]

The Importance Of Grooming Your Pet Rabbit

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It is a well known fact that rabbits are clean little animals, who place particular importance in grooming.A large part of a rabbits’ day is taken over with grooming which helps to protect their skin and … Read More

WHS Ad – March 16, 2010 – Please Adopt Me

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Burke 192176 If you like the gentle soul type then Burke is your man! Burke came in back in December as a stray. He is a bit shy, but warms up once he knows you. This … Read More

PetLvr Guide – Pet Adoption and Rescue (free download)

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I have released my first e-Book! PetLvr Guide to Pet Adoption and Rescue This e-Book was created to heighten awareness and highlight the animal shelter adoption option. I have reviewed the archives between May 2005 and … Read More

WHS Ad – March 10, 2010 – Please Adopt Me

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Frederica 190260 Frederica has spent some time in foster care caring for her babies. They are all adopted, now she can relax and hopefully find her own home very soon. Frederica’s foster family says she is … Read More

Cats or Dogs? That Is the Question…

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Dogs and cats both have strong fans and opponents. There are many people who claim dogs are the best pets, and there are those who consider themselves cat people. There are also many homes where cats … Read More

WHS Ad – March 3, 2010 – Please Adopt Me

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Nero 190790 Nero is still waiting for his forever home! I’m Nero, a Husky mix who’s only about 7 months old. I’m a shy guy who would do best being introduced to new places and people … Read More

To a Healthy Heart

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In a study of hyper tense New York stockbrokers, all were prescribed the drug Lycinprol, but half were given a pet as well. Six months later, the pet owners had significantly lower blood pressure than the … Read More

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