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Walk In The Park

Man Feeding Birds In The Park * Here is a fellow I ran across, that walks in Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba, at least a few times a week and spends hours feeding the little birdies on route. He … [Read more...]

PetLvr Reviews: Thundershirts

Welcome to PetLvr Reviews, a new series here at PetLvr - The Blog, where we take a time-out to look at some interesting and (not-so-interesting) pet related products. If you would like your product … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – August 27, 2009 – Please Adopt Me

Bunny 173820 It’s a fact; black cats get adopted last! Bunny is all the proof you need; she has been in our care since February! Bunny is a great gal; she seems to like other cats (after a proper … [Read more...]

Never Feed Your Pooch Table Scraps

Easier said than done, especially when your little man stares at you with those puppy dog eyes. It’s very hard to resist, but it is a healthy decision for your dog. My Miniature Schnauzer Bella … [Read more...]

The PetLvr Blog Is Now Mobilized

I recently upgraded and purchased a Blackberry 8230 Flip Pearl cell phone and immediately noticed that this blog was NOT mobile friendly. You were able to see the blog online, but because it is … [Read more...]

Vegan Dog Diet vs. Omnivorous Dog Diet

The option of vegan or vegetarian dog food is now available to pet owners. Brands include but are not limited to Avo Derm, Evangers, Natural Balance and Wysong. If you're living a vegetarian or vegan … [Read more...]

Watch This Dog Break Out Of Its Prison!

Funny Dog - Prison Break Watch how a PRO does it! I saw this on the Pick Chur blog and thought it was worth passing around :) Enjoy. Found at the Pick Chur blog … [Read more...]

Can You Determine Your Pet's Worth?

Is it actually possibly to calculate your pet's worth into dollars and cents? Of course, if you purchased your pet from a shelter, it might have cost you $100 or maybe thousands if you bought a … [Read more...]

Taking Your Dog to Cafes

Every dog lover smiles upon seeing a happy pooch parked outside a cafe or bistro with his owner, lying under a table or sitting on his own chair to smile at passers-by. But how do you get your own dog … [Read more...]

Dogs and Mental Illness (Part Two)

We learned in Part One that many dog owners have reported that their dogs experience symptoms similar to those seen in humans with mental illness. We also looked at depression and anxiety as specific … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – August 19, 2009 – Please Adopt Me

Kitty 141533 How can you resist this cutie pie?! Kitty is an 8 year old gal with a lot of spunk in her step! Don’t let her age fool you Kitty is quite young at heart. Kitty loves to receive head … [Read more...]

Can Dogs Have Mental Illnesses? (Part One)

Dogs and humans suffer from many physical illnesses that can also be contracted by humans. Cancer, pneumonia and kidney failure are common causes of death in both dogs and humans. But can dogs and … [Read more...]

Choosing a Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

You probably only bathe your dog at most once every other week. More frequent baths strip the coat of oils needed for it to remain healthy with continual exposure to the weather. If a shampoo and … [Read more...]

Alaskan Klee Kai: Rare Breed Spotlight

Have you ever admired a beautiful Siberian Husky and thought, “I wish those were just a little smaller?” If so, you’re in luck. The Alaskan Klee Kai is a rare breed that resembles a … [Read more...]

How to Stop Dogs from Begging at the Table

Nothing puts a person off their food like a begging dog. A wet nose on the knee followed by a puddle of drool isn't the least bit appetizing. Even if you don't mind your own dog begging at the table, … [Read more...]

Why Do Cats Chew?

Pet owners expect dogs and puppies to chew, but it's somehow much more surprising when a cat starts chewing. Cats that chew often target books, lampshades, curtains and other similar household items. … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – August 13, 2009 – Please Adopt Me

Patch 178937 Patch has not had the best of luck in her first year of life. She came to us after being caught in an engine of a truck! Our fantastic team of vets have fixed her all up and she is now … [Read more...]

Choosing a Dog Daycare

Doggie daycare is a necessity for many busy pet owners. Even a placid dog doesn't do well if left alone all day five days every week, especially if the owner returns from work too tired for play and … [Read more...]

How to Memorialize a Pet

Losing a pet is never easy, but a creative and respectful memorial project can help bereaved owners work through their grief. Building or doing something beautiful in your pet's memory allows you to … [Read more...]

Tax Deductible Pet Care

How would you feel if pet care expenses were tax deductible? Would you feel like you could be a more responsible pet owner? Maybe people wouldn't feel like they have to give up their pets because they … [Read more...]

Pet Fashion Week 2009

It's that time of year again for pooches to be strutting their stuff in the Big Apple. The 4th annual Pet Fashion Week in New York will be Saturday, August 22 and Sunday, August 23. The show as well … [Read more...]

Tips for Flying with Pets

Flying with pets is often difficult and confusing. Not all airlines permit pets. Those that do have varying requirements as to which pets can fly and where they will travel. Costs also vary between … [Read more...]

Packing for a Road Trip with Dogs

Traveling by car with dogs can be fun, but it's also exhausting. I find packing for trips with my dog more frustrating than any other part of traveling with him. I always seem to forget something … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – August 5, 2009 – Please Adopt Me

Chewy 179412 Chewy is a rambunctious, talkative, outgoing girl. If you’re looking for a confident, gregarious companion who is always the life of the party then this is the perfect feline for you! … [Read more...]

Compounding Rat Medications At Home

Have you ever struggled to get your rat to take his or her medicine? Pre-mixed medications for rats are often flavored to be appealing to cats or dogs or birds or hamsters, but leave rats wholly … [Read more...]

How to Find a Missing Cat

Yesterday we looked at what to do if your dog is missing. Many of the steps for finding a missing cat are the same, but we'll look at a few key differences between searching for a missing cat and a … [Read more...]


It's been a weird and cold summer here in the Great White North of Winnipeg, but we managed to get away to our cottage in Victoria Beach, Manitoba for some R & R. There's lots to do here, on our … [Read more...]

What to Do If Your Dog is Missing

It's every dog owner's worst nightmare: A missing pet. Even if you're fortunate enough never to have experienced the disappearance of a pet, it's important to plan in advance so you'll be prepared … [Read more...]

When You Shouldn't Train Your Dog

I frequently write about the importance of daily training sessions for all dogs. Pet dogs are happier, healthier and more obedient if training is reinforced daily. Sessions don't need to be lengthy or … [Read more...]

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