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Hamster Illness: Wet Tail

Wet tail is one of the most common and most deadly hamster illnesses. It is caused by the bacterium Lawsonia intracellularis, and is more accurately described as regional enteritis or proliferative … [Read more...]

Best Pet Rat Cage Choices

Pet rat cages are sold in most pet stores and online. Unfortunately, many cages marketed for pet rats are wholly inadequate for the needs of even one rat. Take into account the fact that one should … [Read more...]

Why Do Cats Have Accidents When Their Owners Leave Town?

Cat owners often complain that their cats are "jealous" or "get revenge" by urinating and defecating inappropriately after being left alone during an owner's vacation. This myth is so pervasive that … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – July 29, 2009 – Please Adopt Me

The WHS foster care program operates in an attempt to give each animal a fair opportunity to be placed into our adoption program. You provide a shelter animal with a temporary home – we provide all … [Read more...]

August 2009 Pet Events in the U.S.

The new month brings exciting opportunities to see other dogs strut their stuff and to socialize your new pooch. Many of the events are also raising money to help pets and people, so you can do some … [Read more...]

Keeping Pets' Paws Healthy

If your pet has healthy paws, you probably don't spend much time thinking about them. But if a problem is allowed to develop, you'll be spending both time and money treating it. Preventive care for … [Read more...]

What to Do When a Training Session Gets Frustrating

We've all been there: In the midst of a training session, things go downhill. Your dog looks at you like you've grown a second head, even when you give a cue he should know backwards, forwards, and … [Read more...]

How to Find a Rental Home Allowing Large Dogs

Due to the current economic climate, more pet-friendly rentals have become available. Property management companies need all the business they can get. For some, that means opening their properties to … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – July 22, 2009 – Please Adopt Me

The WHS foster care program operates in an attempt to give each animal a fair opportunity to be placed into our adoption program. You provide a shelter animal with a temporary home – we provide all … [Read more...]

What’s the Best Way to Train Pit Bulls?

Is there any breed more controversial than the American Pit Bull Terrier? Not only are many people afraid of them, they’re even singled out to be killed on sight in some areas due to Breed … [Read more...]

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Pet Sitter

Hiring a pet sitter isn't easy. Choosing one person to be solely responsible for the health and happiness of your pets while you're traveling is nerve-wracking at best. Making the wrong choice can be … [Read more...]

Choosing a Collar for Your Puppy

So you've got a new puppy. One of the first things you'll need to do is choose a collar that the puppy will wear, either all the time or only on walks. There are numerous styles and materials of dog … [Read more...]

How to Stop Horses from Anticipating Cues

Anticipation is a common problem in horses in all disciplines, particularly those that are advancing rapidly in their training and learning new things. All horses may anticipate cues, but hot-blooded … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – July 16, 2009 – Please Adopt Me

Bitsy 175941 This loveable 6 year old girl came in as a stray back in March. While Bitsy may take some time to adjust to new situations she is still very affectionate. Bitsy loves to sit on your … [Read more...]

Camping with Your Dog

This summer, many dogs and their pet parents will be heading to beaches, mountains, and everything in between for a relaxing camping trip. What could be better than roughing it in the wilderness with … [Read more...]

Should Rats Be Free-Fed or Calorie Restricted?

As any rat owner knows, rats are prone to obesity, particularly older male rats. However, being omnivores and foragers, they seem most content with free access to as much food as they like. It's hard … [Read more...]

Three Reasons to Own Two or More Cats

Many people have only one cat and wonder why their cat attacks their feet, races around the house at night, yowls, or is overweight. Many of these problems are not present in cats that have been … [Read more...]

Reasons to Throw Your Dog's Electric Bark Collar Away

Does your dog wear a bark collar? If so, it would make my day if you removed that collar right now and threw it into the trash can. It's not necessary, may be harmful behaviorally and physically, and … [Read more...]

Why Obedience Training is Important

You suit your dog up to head outside to take an afternoon walk. As you unlock the door, your pooch jumps up and down and even rolls on the ground. You open the door and your dog takes off and you land … [Read more...]

Why I Do Not Like The Invisible Fence

by Richard McLaughlin "Invisible Fence® Brand has been keeping dogs and cats safe at home by providing pet owners with trusted technology, proven training procedures - and total peace of mind." - … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – July 10, 2009 – Please Adopt Me

The WHS foster care program operates in an attempt to give each animal a fair opportunity to be placed into our adoption program. You provide a shelter animal with a temporary home – we provide all … [Read more...]

What to Do if Your Dog Licks His Neuter Incision

Your dog was just neutered, and he's now licking his incision. What do you do next? It's not wise  to allow the licking to continue. Even if your dog only licks his incision occasionally, he's likely … [Read more...]

How Does Your Pet Rank in the Household?

Owning a cat or dog has become more than just having a pet. These frisky felines and loyal canines are holding a high rank in family households. Do you treat your pet like a human? If so, what are … [Read more...]

Best Ways to Give Pills to a Dog

Giving pills to a dog can be easy, depending upon the dog, but it can also be nearly impossible, particularly if it's a small dog that needs to take a large pill. I'll use this post to go over several … [Read more...]

What Can You Do with a Goldfish Bowl?

If you've been given a goldfish bowl, please don't put a goldfish in it! Goldfish, like all members of the carp family, grow to a large size quite rapidly. They also eliminate waste more often than … [Read more...]

Training Toy Breed Dogs

Toy dogs (members of the AKC Toy Group) are becoming more and more popular every day, but many owners don't take the time to train these dogs. Training toy breeds represents unique challenges, but … [Read more...]

Deciding What Shelter to Support

If you're lucky enough to still have a little extra time or income during this recession, and if you love animals, you already know that donating to or volunteering with an animal shelter or rescue … [Read more...]

This One Is For The Squirrels and the Ducks

We were out at a friend's place last weekend, when I took this video from my Canon IS2000 digital camera. She was probably stocking up for the summer to feed her litter that was just born, and will … [Read more...]

Working in a Pet Store: Expectations vs. Reality

I worked for a large retail chain dealing in live animals and pet supplies as my first job out of high school. At the time, I thought it would be the perfect job for a young pet lover eager to make … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – July 3, 2009 – Please Adopt Me

Mena 174689 Mena is a lucky 9 month old spayed female who was found as a stray in the dead of winter. She was suffering from frostbite– so bad her toes caused her extreme pain. She needed help! … [Read more...]

Hairless Rat Care

Hairless rats are among the most unique pets a person can have. They look like little alien lifeforms, feel like warm raw chicken when held, and are certain to start a conversation with any houseguest … [Read more...]

Providing for Pets In the Event of Your Death or Severe Disability

It's among every pet owner's worst fears: You die, acquire a severe disability, or are hospitalized in a coma, and your pets are bounced around between family members until someone gives up and drops … [Read more...]

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