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Can Dogs and Gardens Co-Exist?

So you want to start a garden, but you're worried that all your efforts will go to waste when your dog traipses through, digging up your plants and snacking on the manure used as fertilizer, then … [Read more...]

Health Concerns When Breeding Cats-Part I

Decision-making Time While you should never, ever allow your female cat to breed unless you intend to keep the kittens yourself, have people lined up who want the kittens or you are an authorized … [Read more...]

Car Sickness in Pets

Nothing ruins a pet-friendly vacation like car sickness. One moment you're anticipating a game of fetch on the beach, and the next you're cleaning a puddle of pre-digested kibble out of the car. For … [Read more...]

Why Won't My Dog Go to the Bathroom in the Snow?

Many dogs, particularly small dogs and those with short coats, refuse to do their business in deep snow. When Spring blizzards like the one blanketing my city with over a foot of the white stuff hit, … [Read more...]

Extreme Sheep LED Art

Oh .. this is cool - have you seen this one yet? 3.4 million other people have since March 16, 2009 ..... From the YouTube Description We took to the hills of Wales armed to the teeth with sheep, … [Read more...]

How Often to Bathe a Dog

Dogs need baths, but owners' opinions on how often range from "dump him in a tub of suds once a year whether he needs it or not" to "take her to a professional groomer every Saturday." Too much … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – March 25, 2009 – Please Adopt Me

Come visit our Tip to Tail Boutique, or visit our new online store for all new spring merchandise you’re not going to want to miss! We’re kicking off the spring season on March 22, 2009 with all new … [Read more...]

You Have a Pet WHAT?! 5 Unusual Housepets.

I get strange enough looks when I tell people that I have 13 rats and a litter on the way; I can't imagine strangers' reactions to people who keep these truly unusual housepets! Here are five pets you … [Read more...]

Off Leash or On?

Should you let your dog off-leash? The answer is usually no, but then how can your high energy dog get enough exercise? When leashed to  you, most medium to large dogs are limited to a slow trot at … [Read more...]

Setting Up A Rat Maternity Cage

There are as many ways to set up a cage for a rat to deliver a litter as there are rat breeders. Everyone has a personal preference. I've incorporated advice from several breeders in creating my … [Read more...]

At What Age Should Your Puppy Come Home with You?

Once you've picked out a puppy, the hardest part of your dog search is over. But when should that puppy join your family? If it's already weaned and separated from littermates, the answer is "as soon … [Read more...]

Uh-Oh, Spring Allergies!

Is your pet sneezing? At this time of year, the problem could be spring allergies. Just like humans, many pets have allergies to pollen, dust, or mold, and those allergies often flare up during the … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – March 17, 2009 – Please Adopt Me

Ben 171223 It is a fact that black dogs get adopted last, let’s break the trend! Ben is a 3 year old shepherd lab cross. He was brought to us all alone and very hungry way back in December. This … [Read more...]

What to Do If You See a Dog in a Hot Car

Warmer weather is coming, and with it will come the inevitable reports of dogs dying from heat prostration when left unattended in hot cars. But alongside those reports will be the stories of a dog … [Read more...]

Benefits of Pet Health Insurance

Pet food, treats and toys add up fast every month, but at least you can develop an estimate of how much these items will cost you on a yearly basis. It's those unexpected expenses that punch you in … [Read more...]

How Much Exercise Is Too Much For a Dog?

Most dogs don't get enough exercise. The modern human lifestyle doesn't always allow for dogs to get an ideal amount of playtime and physical activity. A large majority of dog owners will never worry … [Read more...]

Perks of Pet Companionship Minus Ownership

Pets can fulfill so many different areas of your life. For example, they can be your best friend, motivated walking buddy and cuddle bug. However, just because a pet can make a wonderful addition to … [Read more...]

Why, For Children and Dogs, a Time-Out is a Better Tool Than Physical Correction

It's easy to smack a child or animal when  they make you angry, or to yank a choke chain, but what results does physical punishment really yield? For many dog owners and parents alike, the only … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – March 12, 2009 – Please Adopt Me

Chase 164186 Chase has been with us since early August of last year! This guy needs a home! Chase spent some time in foster care getting some TLC and his foster family says he is just great! He … [Read more...]

Do Horses Enjoy Being Ridden?

Some years ago, I received the gift of a book by the owner and administrator of a large animal sanctuary. Overall, the book was a touching tribute to the many animals rescued by the author. But one … [Read more...]

Feeding a Pregnant Rat

I'm hoping that my TEK Artemis is currently pregnant by SGR Fortissimo, so I've been feeding her some extra high-fat, high-protein, nutrition-packed snacks to help her grow a batch of healthy pups. … [Read more...]

Housebreaking an Older Dog

Puppies can be tough to housebreak, but the challenge of housetraining an older dog who has become accustomed to pottying inside is a whole 'nother bag of chips, so to speak. While the most important … [Read more...]

The Pet Care Shop @ HART Market – Restored

For those who may have noticed ... our "Pet Care Supply" store has been offline for about a week now. It's been a busy week for me personally because on March 1, 2009 I consolidated all of my … [Read more...]

My New Foster Dog, Tory: Tory's Progress So Far

Since Tory's surgery to correct his elongated soft palate, his breathing has improved by leaps and bounds. These days, I can hardly tell he was ever impaired at all! He snorks and wheezes like a … [Read more...]

When Adoption Fails

Nothing is more discouraging to a pet lover than a failed adoption. You fully intend to give a loving, permanent home to a pet in need, and instead you find yourself over your head with an unexpected … [Read more...]

Touchy Situation: When a Friend or Family Member Mistreats a Pet

Sadly, most people have been in a situation in which they've witnessed someone close to them mistreating a pet. Whether it's your college roommate giving alcohol to the fraternity cat, or your aging … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – March 4, 2009 – Please Adopt Me

We're running short on kitty litter, can you help? We use over 2000 lbs of litter a month, which translates into over 100 bags of litter that, if not donated, the shelter needs to buy. This could … [Read more...]

How to Tell If Your Rat Is Pregnant

So maybe your rat escaped and went canoodling in the bucks' cage, or maybe you picked a suspiciously round female out from a feeder tank, or perhaps you're breeding rats intentionally (if so, I hope … [Read more...]

Giving Pills to Dogs and Cats

Even the most experienced pet owners sometimes dread giving pills to dogs and cats. Children are hard enough to medicate, let alone pets, who won't understand, "This is for your own good!" However, … [Read more...]

Online Kitten Cam

What if you could watch kittens and cats interact all day long? You could watch them during your work break or share the experience with a friend or family member. Kittens are all about playing, and … [Read more...]

Why Do Pets Watch TV?

Not all animals seem to watch TV, but some do. We've all known a dog who barks at Lassie or Garfield, or a cat that bats at the television when the Nature Channel shows songbirds. Why do some pets … [Read more...]

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