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A guide to London Aquarium

Last week, I was able to visit London Aquarium and I thought that I would take some photos so that I share my experience and write a short guide about what you can expect from the largest display of … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – July 30, 2008 – Please Adopt Me

The WHS has over 260 cats and kittens awaiting good homes…. Maybe yours? We have 9 Satellite Adoption Centres located throughout Winnipeg; log onto to find one … [Read more...]

The Miracle Sheltie

This post was written by guest author Dave Stewart. In 2000, I was living in a townhouse just outside of Baltimore; we had finally got a fence and I longed to get a dog. My wife, on the other hand, … [Read more...]

Prevent Your Pet from Becoming Obese

Sitting patiently by your side, your dog nuzzles your thigh and scooches closer to the kitchen table. His sniffing gets frantic as if he is trying to create a vacuum to suck up your evening dinner. … [Read more...]

Clifford the Big – Lipoma?

This post was written by guest author Kristen Martin. Please visit Kristen over on her blog at Who's Your Audience - Stream of Consciousness. Wellington - the Black Lab / Chow Mix Wellington is an … [Read more...]

Make Your Bark Heard Around the World

The Worldwide Fido Awards will be showing on Nick at Nite this October, and your dog has the potential to be recognized as a national star. Get out your video camera so you can show the world how … [Read more...]

Tips for Moving Your Pet

A sense of home can be felt in the soft, cotton of a blanket and even in the cozy embrace of a teddy bear. So even though you might have to move to a new home, there can still be a sense of the old, … [Read more...]

Training Your Dog Around Horses

You've undoubtedly noticed that your dog is much smaller than a horse. (Well, most are anyway.) Nevertheless, most horses are much more frightened of dogs than the reverse. That creates unique … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – July 23, 2008 – Please Adopt Me

Mickey, 159607 Mickey is a 3-month-old neutered male who came in with another kitten and two adult cats when their owner didn’t return to pick them up from a relative who was cat-sitting. Mickey was … [Read more...]

Update On The PANDAS That Survived The China Earthquake In May 2008

On May 12, 2008 the "2008 Sichuan earthquake" (or Great Wenchuan Earthquake) reached 7.9 on the richter scale with a death count about 70,000, injured about 350,000 people and left about 4.8 million … [Read more...]

Pet Travel and Summer Threats To Our Pets

There are two things our pet dogs Maxxie and Sophie love to do with us .. (okay, maybe there are a few more things than this list :D) (1) car rides (2) go to the cottage! It's nice driving in the … [Read more...]

A Few Good Balancing Acts!

Dog or Seal? Incredible dog can balance a ball on his nose and bounce it up and down...he even attempts spin moves. The cool thing is that the dog was never taught this, according to his owner. He … [Read more...]

Two Ways to Teach a Retrieve

Many dogs retrieve (fetch) naturally, and begin to do so from puppyhood with no special training and no reward other than their enjoyment of retrieving. However, other dogs either don't chase a ball … [Read more...]

Helping Pets Affected by Foreclosure

Gas, food and living expenses have increased significantly -- so much so that some people are unable to pay their mortgage and are now facing foreclosure. What makes the situation even more … [Read more...]

Pet Parades Around the Country

Prizes, games, entertainment, fun, child-friendly, pet-friendly -- what more can get from a summer time event? Pet parades are taking place all over the country this summer, and if you have never … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – July 16, 2008 – Please Adopt Me

Tweety, Gem & Sophie, 160004/161445/160005 Cats and kittens everywhere! It’s definitely summer because the shelter is full with cats and kittens needing homes. Tweety, Gem and Sophie came in too … [Read more...]

Provide for Pets in the Event of Your Death

Nobody wants to think about dying, especially when they're young and in good health; but, as a responsible pet owner, it's your duty to ensure that if you were to pass away, your pets would be cared … [Read more...]

The Tooth, the Whole Tooth and Nothing But the Tooth

The Problem with Tartar Just recently I've been undergoing periodontal treatment at the dentist. You know, the ever-fun root planing and scraping to get rid of built up tartar and bacteria below the … [Read more...]

Open Call For Guest Writers Here On PetLvr Blog

This is an OPEN INVITATION to all I'm going on vacation July 28, 2008 to August 8, 2008 .. and our writers need a vacation too! For these two weeks, I would like to feature guest authors and articles … [Read more...]

5 Traits of a Good Dog Breeder

We talked recently about bad dog breeders, and an owner's recourse in case of receiving an unhealthy puppy. To balance things out a little bit, I'd like to discuss today a class of people who truly … [Read more...]

PetLvr Mailbag: Stung by a Bad Breeder

Dear PetLvr Mailbag, I recently bought a registered Yorkie from a breeder and after 3 weeks and about $1,000.00 vet bill, we have found out that the puppy died of liver failure he was born with. The … [Read more...]

Dog Show Extravaganza

Calling all dog lovers...this week is meant for you! Prepare snacks, drinks and treats, because you might want to lounge in front of the television with your loyal friend. Greatest American … [Read more...]

PetLvr Mailbag: Dogs, Children, Resource Guarding, and Boundary Setting

Dear Jelena ... Is it ok for a dog to growl when they have their bone in their dog bed and a child approaches in a manner that the dog views as possible attempt to take the bone away? What is … [Read more...]

I am Marina – A New Author on PetLvr!

My name is Marina, and I'm a new author on the "LVR" series of blogs. You can find my author page here. I have three cats and two dogs, which definitely help make life more interesting and enjoyable. … [Read more...]

Meet The New Blogger – Marina Hanes

I am pleased to introduce Marina Hanes to the PetLvr Blog and other "LVR" series of blogs! In general terms, Marina will be keeping us informed about "current events" ... which includes pets in the … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – July 8, 2008 – Please Adopt Me

Catherine, 157897 Catherine is a very sweet, loving 8 year old domestic medium haired cat. She was found outside in April, and lucky for her someone brought here to us to find her a new home. … [Read more...]

Letting Go of a Foster Pet

As we discussed in my last post, "So You Want to be a Foster Home," the hardest part of fostering is letting go. For every foster pet, there comes a time when she has gained all she can from foster … [Read more...]

Do You Feel Lucky – Punk – Well – Do Ya?

Well, thanks to a friend on ... BlogBadly .. I know have a really cool wordpress plugin installed called "Random Redirect". Now .. if you get bored, or curious .. all you have … [Read more...]

So You Want to be a Foster Home?

Fostering a homeless pet is one of the best things you can do for animals in need in your own home town. Watching an abused, neglected, or abandoned pet blossom and flourish in your home, then go on … [Read more...]

PetLvr Blog Promotional Video

Here is a little promotional video I created at ... Enjoy :) Music in the background: Artist: Daniel Bautista Title: Sabre Dance Album: Classics and Soundtracks Found: … [Read more...]

Come See The Baby Peninsular Pronghorns This Summer At The Los Angeles Zoo

NEWS RELEASE July 3, 2008 **MEDIA ADVISORY** CONTACT: Jason Jacobs/ (323) 644-4273 Summer At The L.A. Zoo Discounts, Fun Activities and Babies Make the Los Angeles Zoo … [Read more...]

Mean Kitty! Petting and Biting Syndrome

Does your cat allow only a certain number of strokes before turning and nipping your hand? If so, you're in good company. Many cats, of all genders, ages, breeds, sizes, and personality types, have … [Read more...]

Urinary Crystals in Male Cats

The Chat A few months ago, my co-worker and I were talking about our cats. Like me, she's a cat lover and we often exchange stories about our babies. So when she told me that one of her cats, her … [Read more...]

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