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Pet Care @ HART Market – Check Out Our New Store

Be Nosey and Check Out Our Store I have tried to find only the best companies that supply reasonably priced pet related products and gathered them all in one place .. at the HART Market ... More … [Read more...]

Be The Pack Leader In Your Own Home

This year, Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer , became my mentor. What is he about? He is about teaching us that the human family is not only part of the pack, the human family has to become the … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – April 30, 2008 – Please Adopt Me

Marmalade & Caroline, 155662/666 Marmalade & Caroline’s owner passed away and there was no one able to take them on, so they came to the WHS on March 9. These beautiful ~6 year old cats rely … [Read more...]

Is Your Canine Ready For The Summer?

I was taking a long walk in the cool spring air this morning. Actually, very early this morning! I had my golden and my black lab with me. On leash! There are two issues that stood out for me … [Read more...]

It Is Imperative For Dog Owners To Read This

I just posted an article, and here I am again. But, this is just SO important, I must share it with you. The whole story is here, please pop over and read it . It could impact your whole … [Read more...]

I Am Here For The Week – Welcome To My Dog World

Good Morning Hart and Readers, I am a guest blogger here for the week. I am going to enjoy this immensely. Somehow it's different when one is blogging as a guest than it is blogging in your own … [Read more...]

Housebreaking Tips For Golden Retrievers

Housebreaking is something anyone will want to do no matter the breed of dog they own. Fortunately for the human companions of Golden Retrievers, that's a much easier task with these intelligent, … [Read more...]

If You Ride, You Are a Trainer

By Bonnie Martin Frequently I talk to, hear of, or read about someone who bought a trained horse and after riding it for a period of time decide that the horse needs to go to a trainer because it has … [Read more...]

About the Conure

Nanday Conure Image Source: Wikipedia Conures are charming little birds. These spunky little parrots are small enough to fit easily into most households and large enough to satisfy the desire of … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – April 23, 2008 – Please Adopt Me

Anne, 151772 Anne is a ~6 year old female Domestic Short Hair ‘champagne tortoisehell’. This poor kitty has been with us and awaiting a home since early December, when someone brought her in stray … [Read more...]

Is a Parakeet Right For You?

If you have never owned a bird before, you may want to take a look at the parakeet. This little bird can be found in almost any pet store at a very reasonable price, which makes it a great choice for … [Read more...]

Meet My Fuzzy Buddy – Giol

This is a guest post from my friend Brigid from Blog Catalog who is the author and artist of Mary Quite Contrary (MQC) and just happens to be quite the "BunnyLvr" :D Meet Giol Everybody! This is … [Read more...]

Unusual or Exotic Pets Call for Special Care and Planning

By Gary Speer Unusual or exotic pets carry responsibilities for care and keeping than your run-of-the-mill family cat or dog. But don't worry, if you'd prefer a snake or turtle, tiger or crocodile, … [Read more...]

Dealing With Ferret Odors

Ferrets, like many of the cousins in the weasel family, have a natural musky scent. Over time that can build up to an unpleasant level. That happens too often in pet stores and the homes of careless … [Read more...]

Britain's Got Talent 2 – Gin The Dog

What an "Absolutely Fabulous" thing to see such talent in such a widely viewed medium! Go Gin Go! Enjoy :) * From YouTube Description: Gin The Dog's 1st Appearance On Britain's Got Talent 2 ... … [Read more...]

Caring For Your Ferret

Ferrets require more care than cats or dogs. Though they sleep about 18 hours per day, when they're awake they're very active. They're also extremely curious and love to explore. Unless they're always … [Read more...]

Neutering Your Cat – The Pro's And Con's

By Donna Newnham Getting your cat neutered is a serious decision to make for both you, and your pet. The term neutering applies to both sexes of cat - castration in males, spaying in females. It can … [Read more...]

Spaying Your Female Dog

The decision to spay your female dog is a very serious one, just like the decision to neuter your male dog. There are benefits and risks whichever option you pick. Spaying is essentially performing a … [Read more...]

Taking Care of Your Horses In The Heat

By Samantha J Jane We go to great lengths to make ourselves comfortable in the hot weather, air conditioning, fans, cold drinks. What should we do to ensure our horses are also comfortable through … [Read more...]

Testing WordPress 2.5 Image Gallery

* See how I did this .. over on the HART-Empire site … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – April 15, 2008 – Please Adopt Me

Phoenix, 117508 Phoenix is a really neat cat whose owner wasn’t able to keep him any longer. Phoenix is quite a tall and dignified cat who seems OK with other cats, although he’d probably enjoy being … [Read more...]

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHD)

RHD or Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease is a condition that may occur in domestic rabbits. Some signs are easy to detect, such as a foamy, bloody nasal discharge or flipping excitedly inside their cage. … [Read more...]

The Upgrade Is Complete – For Sure!

Further to my earlier post called "The Upgrade Is Complete - Sort Of" ... I believe I fixed that error message we were all having when posting comments in [The Blog]. I have identified the culprit - … [Read more...]

Neutering Your Male Dog

Neutering a male puppy may be common practice, but it is still serious surgery and carries risks and benefits. Weighing them carefully will result in the best decision for you and your pet. Neutering … [Read more...]

The Upgrade Is Complete – Sort of

I have completed the upgrade to the latest wordpress version 2.5 .. although, there still remains some possible peculiarities and error messages when you post a comment. Currently, it might seem that … [Read more...]

An Upgrade Is In Progress

Please bear with me .. as I upgrade this blog from wordpress version 2.3.3 to the latest wordpress version 2.5. This is a major update, and will affect the functionality of a few plugins which I will … [Read more...]

See The New Exhibit Over At The Los Angeles Zoo

NEWS RELEASE April 10, 2008 **MEDIA ADVISORY** CONTACT: Jason Jacobs/ … [Read more...]

Training Your Ferret Not To Bite

Like baby dogs (pups) and baby cats (kittens) .... baby ferrets (kits) like to chew. They use their teeth to nip and explore. But since they're so small and sharp, that can be a painful experience. … [Read more...]

How To Deal With Marking By Your Pet Rabbit

Marking occurs when rabbits urinate (or, sometimes, defecate) in order to secure territory, to encourage others to stay away. It's a natural behavior, just as it is with dogs, cats and other species. … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – April 8, 2008 – Please Adopt Me

Mountie, 155948 Mountie is a shy 2 year-old kitty found in the Fort Garry area- he was so afraid he had to be livetrapped but it was obvious to us this was a domesticated cat in need of a home. … [Read more...]

Video: The Dog, The Cat, And The Rat

This was forwarded to my attention via Email with the following description: This is a video of one of the homeless in Santa Barbara and his pets. They work State Street every week for donations. The … [Read more...]

Accessories For Your Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs enjoy tunneling, exploring and interacting with animals and other elements in their environment. Giving them lots of variety will keep them mentally active for those hours you're away. … [Read more...]

Cat Nutritional Needs Are Different Than Dog Nutritional Needs

by T. J. Dunn, Jr. DVM Find Out How A Cat's Nutritional Needs Are Different From A Dog's Our wonderful life-supporting planet is home to a remarkably diverse and complex spectrum of living … [Read more...]

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