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WHS Ad – January 30, 2008 – Please Adopt Me

Pepper, 115515 Pepper is a good girl who came to us in December after being left in an apartment suite when her owner moved away. Pepper is not quite 3 years old- she likes male cats but would prefer … [Read more...]

Get Your Horse Moving

You've managed to make it up on top of your horse and boy, is it a long way down! Now, how do you get him to move? After all, you don't want to make an animal this big mad when you are on his back. … [Read more...]

Socialization of German Shepherds

Socialization involves getting your dog familiar and comfortable with other dogs, pets and people in their environment. As natural pack animals it's often easy to do, and sometimes even harder to keep … [Read more...]

Reading Your Bird's Body Language

Understanding what your pets are telling you can be a real challenge, even if they can talk. Luckily your bird's body language speaks just as loudly to allow you to understand exactly how he is … [Read more...]

Rabies Exposure Investigation – in Toronto

According to Toronto Public Health Puppies sold at a Toronto flea market may have been exposed to rabies. Toronto Public Health is asking anyone who touched or purchased puppies at Dr. Flea's Flea … [Read more...]

Training Show Dogs

Over 130 different breeds compete in major dog shows, such as the Westminster in the US or Crufts in the UK. But there's a good deal more to developing a show dog than simply acquiring a dog of one of … [Read more...]

Nail Care Tips For Your Pet Rabbit

Trimming your rabbit's nails can be a trial. Rabbits are akin to small dogs in that they tend to be fairly high strung. As prey for so many larger species, they evolved to be on a constant look out … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – January 23, 2008 – Please Adopt Me

Joe & Muffin, 152333/334 Joe, a Sheltie mix & Muffin, a Shih Tzu/Poodle mix may look like an odd couple, but once you see them play together, you’ll understand! This very-bonded duo was … [Read more...]

Pet Ferret Tricks and other Ferret Videos

I was looking for some pet trick videos, and ferrets do pet tricks too.. you know! Really! Watch :D Ferret Tricks * Training ferret to rollover, jump... Ferret does THREE different tricks * … [Read more...]

Specialized Training: Working and Assistance Dogs

Once upon a time, seeing-eye (guide) dogs were almost the only type of assistance dog around. Over the last few decades, the field has widened considerably. Today, dogs help the hearing impaired, the … [Read more...]

Top Dogs of 2007

Krista Mifflin from Your Guide To Dogs has recapped the list of the top ten registered dog breeds in the United States during 2007, as tallied by the American Kennel Club .. At the start of every … [Read more...]

Tacking Up and Mounting Up Your Horse

So, it's time for your very first horseback ride and you just can't wait to jump on that horse's back so you can gallop off into the sunset. However, before you ride off on your horse, you will need … [Read more...]

Pure Bred German Shepherds vs Mixed Breeds

Within dog lover circles there is an ongoing controversy about whether it's better to acquire a pure bred German Shepherd or one of mixed ancestry. The issue may never be settled to everyone's … [Read more...]

Entre.. what?

EntreCard ... I dunno .. Do you? It's in my sidebar. I'll try to figure it out eventually .. meanwhile .. I suppose the next step is to approve things - until I know better! … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – January 16, 2008 – Please Adopt Me

Cranberry, 152579 Cranberry and 7 of her friends were surrendered to us in December because her owner was ill. Degus are curious and intelligent pets native to Chile. They prefer to live in groups … [Read more...]

Maxxie Is Out And In Good Spirits

We took Maxxie out of his 14 day isolation stay in his Kennel last Thursday evening around supper time. If you weren't aware, he suddenly was unable to stand on his hind two feet and was diagnosed … [Read more...]

The Best Training Diet For Your Dog

Nothing is more essential to good training than good health. And the foundation of good health is a good diet. Depending on your budget you may or may not be able to feed your dog a larger proportion … [Read more...]

Selecting a Cage for Your Bird

A cage is one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need to buy for your new bird. The proper cage can help your bird stay healthy and safe. However, there are so many different types of … [Read more...]

Freshwater Tank or Saltwater Tank?

If you are purchasing your first aquarium, you may want to consider a freshwater tank. There are several reasons you should maintain a freshwater tank before moving on to a saltwater tank. Although a … [Read more...]

Call For Prizes – Do You Want Some Extra Publicity?

January 18th will mark the second anniversary of the creation and inception of our "Battling The Monster" series of Health blogs, operating under the umbrella. We have 12 active … [Read more...]

Training Non-neutered Dogs

Not every dog gets spayed (removal of female reproductive organs) or neutered (removal of male organs). Whether through an intention to breed or other motive, many individuals leave their companions … [Read more...]

Identifying Sick Birds

When you're sick everyone knows it just by glancing at you. Your red, runny nose, feverish eyes and downright listless attitude are surefire clues that you are ill. It should be just as easy to … [Read more...]

What Makes A Good Ferret Cage?

Keeping your ferret properly caged and supplied with toys isn't just for its (or your) amusement. Though that's not a bad reason! The proper cage and accessories will help keep it safe, healthy and … [Read more...]

How Can You Resist A Soft And Cute Bunny Rabbit?

Domestic rabbits make for great pets. That they're soft and cute, everyone concedes. Not cuddly, though, despite their looks. Rabbits don't typically like being held. They also engage in a wide … [Read more...]

German Shepherds – The Working Dog

German Shepherds were bred over 100 years ago specifically to work at herding sheep. They’ve been earning their keep ever since. Shepherds have served as guide dogs, bomb or drug sniffing dogs … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – January 8, 2008 – Please Adopt Me

Tika, 148329 Tika is a bright and energetic young female Labrador Retriever mix. Tika was surrendered due to her owner’s allergies. This 6 month old pup is too smart and active to be kenneled- she … [Read more...]

Competing in Events With Your Horse

While there is certainly nothing wrong with riding your horse just for fun and relaxation, competing in events can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Competing brings you and your horse closer … [Read more...]

Guinea Pigs Behavior

Guinea pigs, or cavies, are like any other species in having a number of distinctive behaviors. Within that broad outline, of course, each pig will have its own peculiarities. It's the latter that … [Read more...]

Common Health Problems With Golden Retrievers

Apart from hip dysplasia, there are half a dozen common conditions or diseases that Golden Retrievers tend to suffer from. That's not to say most Golden's are unhealthy. They suffer no more than any … [Read more...]

Finding a Dog Trainer

Many people don't have the time, energy or patience to devote to dog training. Few other activities require as much, if the result is to be a safe, well-adjusted dog and a happy human. For some, the … [Read more...]

WHS Ad – January 4, 2008 – Please Adopt Me

150139 Rhama Rhama is a sweet, special dog who is in need of an owner who will show her some real love. She is a 2 year old Rottweiler cross who loves attention and knows the commands “sit” and … [Read more...]

Update: Day 7 of Maxxie In A Cage

Poor Maxxie :( It's been a week now since we took Maxxie to the vet last thursday and found out he had Canine Degenerative Disc Disease and recommended that he be locked up in a cage for 2 full … [Read more...]

Cage Options For Your Guinea Pigs

One of the many fun aspects of owning a guinea pig is selecting or designing and building a cage. Few homes are designed in a way that allow the owner to let their guinea pig simply run free. They can … [Read more...]

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