2 Doggy Drooling Dog Treat Recipes

2 Doggy Drooling Dog Treat Recipes

By Justin Bryce

These 2 Scrumptiously Yummy, Doggy Delicious Dog Treat Recipes will have you dog breaking down your kitchen door to get more. You better leave your dog outside otherwise he will go wild when you cook these dog treats.
Dog Treat Recipes 1

Dog Treat Recipe 1 – Delicious Doggy Dip


– 3 tbsp Peanut Butter

– 2 tbsp Honey

– 1 very ripe banana (or if you want you can use a jar of baby food fruit. Any flavour your dog likes will be fine)

– 450 grams or 16 ounces of vanilla yogurt

– 1 tbsp whole wheat flour


1. Mix the peanut butter, honey and fruit together until well blended.

2. In a separate bowl, combine the yogurt and flour and mix well.

3. Add the fruit to the yogurt and blend together.

4. Keep cold in your refrigerator.

You can use this dip to coat or dip biscuits and treats. Allow treats to chill in refrigerator until this coating is set and firm. This will help prevent big messes!


Dog Treat Recipe 2 – Brilliant Bacon Bites


– 3 cups whole wheat flour

– ½ cup milk

– 1 egg

– ¼ cup bacon fat (or vegetable oil)

– 1 tsp garlic powder

– 3-4 slices bacon, crumbled up

– ½ cup cold water


1. Mix ingredients together thoroughly.

2. Roll out on a floured surface to ½ – ¼” thickness.

3. Bake for 35-40 mins in a 162°C or 325°F

Remember to let cool.


Justin Bryce is the Proprietor of http://www.dogtreatrecipes.com.au Stop by for over 400 dog treat recipes and fantastic dog health and care tips plus way’s to spoil your dog.

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