115 felines strut their stuff

115 felines strut their stuff

Saturday July 30, 2005
115 felines strut their stuff

A pampered Persian cat rewarded her owner by emerging top cat in the first five-ring cat show orga-nised by the Malaysian Feline Society at A’Famosa Resort in Malacca.

Tanawat Wattanapaisal from Bangkok entered his pet Candirand Morning Mist in her first ever competition and she did not disappoint him by winning the hearts of the judges in the open class event.

Wattanapaisal said he own-ed a few cats and spared no expense in maintaining them and giving them personal attention.

“I keep my Persian cats in an air-conditioned room due to the hot weather,” he said.

A total of 115 cats and their owners from Japan, the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia participated in the event.

The participants consisted of professional cat breeders and private owners ranging from housewives to youths who spend lavishly on their pets.

Feline Society president Wilson Ng Han Beow, 47, said the show helped to boost the profile of cats and their household status among Malaysians.

“Previously, we only had two-ring competitions, which means two judges evaluating the cats.

“With five-ring competitions, all the cats are judged individually by five judges, with each judge having his own criteria on what constitutes the ideal look,” he said.

For example, a Persian should have a flat face, compact body and of course a long coat.

“As such, each cat will be judged as to how close it comes to that ideal,” said Ng.

The five-ring show held on Sunday was divided into four main categories comprising Overall Best Kitten, Best Cat in Championship (Open Class), Best in Premiership (for neutered or spayed cats), as well as the individual championship categories.

Ng said many Malaysian pet owners lacked responsibility as there were people abandoning aging pets or unwanted puppies or kittens in public places.

Pet owner Amy Cheong Yuk Mooi, 49, said a lot of work was required to maintain her two Persian cats.

“Every day, I have to wipe their eye area, check their ears and brush their coats so that they don’t get their fur matted.

“I cook meat and some soft vegetables for my cats as well as give them cat food,” said Cheong while carrying her five-month-old Persian named Aviana.

Another pet owner, 27-year-old Shahrul Zafidi Said, said he enjoyed looking after his cats and the companionship they offered was worth the effort.

“My four cats cost me quite a bit but I don’t mind.

“I enjoy playing with them as well as feeding and grooming them,” said Shahrul Zafidi, who entered his Persian mixed-breed tomcat Chocula in the Household Pet Category.

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