11 Helpful Hints To Help You Take Better Care Of Your Dog

11 Helpful Hints To Help You Take Better Care Of Your Dog

By Rosie Harvey

There are many things we all do in the belief that we are taking good care of our dog, but are we? There are many things we don’t do because they just don’t cross our minds. Here are 11 helpful hints that you can use today that will aid you in caring for your dog.

Helpful hint 1 – The baby-proofing section of your local hardware store can be a dog owner’s best friend. In addition to cabinet and trash can locks to keep your pooch from getting poisoned or raiding the garbage, you can find toilet lid locks to keep your bathroom high and dry.

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  1. Brent Harte
    | Reply

    I have come back to this post, because we have discovered many owners fail to recognize their dog’s health ailments until they become so severe they become critical problems. Our VitaHound staff is initiating a new campaign to make owners aware of their dogs natural instinct to hide pain and weakness. Health issues recognized early with dogs as in humans can be more effectively dealt with. Early detection will help avoid a lot of unnecessary pain and improve their overall wellbeing.

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