101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog

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101 Dog Tricks is the largest trick book on the market and the only one presenting full-color photos of each trick and its training steps. The step-by-step approach, difficulty rating, and prerequisites, allow readers to start training immediately. Tips and trouble-shooting boxes cover common problems, while “build-on” ideas suggest more complicated tricks which build on each new skill. No special tools (such as clickers) or knowledge of specific training methods are required. Trick training is a great way to bond with your dog and help him integrate into your family. It keeps him mentally and physically challenged and helps to establish paths of communication between you. Many tricks build skills needed for common dog sports, dog dancing, and dog therapy work. It’s every dog lover’s privilege that Kyra and Chalcy took time from their performing schedule to share their secrets in 101 Dog Tricks.

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3 Responses

  1. Jennifer H "jennifer19"
    | Reply

    One of the BEST books in my training library! I received this book as a Mother’s Day gift from my sons. I train my dog for competition obedience and they thought I might like to have some “fun” things to train. The book is fantastic! There are lots of pictures and easy, step by step instructions for every trick! I love the way the tricks are categorized as being easy, intermediate, advanced and expert, there are tricks for dogs at every skill level. Also, for each trick the prerequisites are listed, some troubleshooting questions and answers and a small section called ‘Build On It’ that explains how you can build on, or improve, the featured trick! This book is a wonderful addition to my training library! You’ll love it!

  2. Eddie Landsberg "My 10th year as a reviewer !...
    | Reply

    Buy three copies… I’ll tell you why… I suggest buying 3 copies of this book… not 1…First, because its a great coffee table book… hey, Chelcy (the author’s dog) is a Weimeraner – – and both are very photogenic – – on top of it, the graphic design and lay-out of the book are not only sensitive and informative, but very visually appealing… You can feel the excitement and enthuisiasmSecond – – its a fantastic reference book… and the idea of thinking “tricks” instead of cut and dry obedience I think is great for both the trainer and the dog. Though most of the tricks do have elements of obedience to them, they are presented in a way that makes training your dog more fun and lightharded and you’re not thinking, “good dog”/”bad dog”/”leash correction” – – In fact, I like the way the author not only has troubleshooting tips for each tricks, but will even give some ideas how difficult the trick is, what tricks need to be learned first, and how long it takes some dogs to learn. – – Also, all descriptions use simple, practical and effective language… The descriptions match up with the photos and the points are gotten across in a way that communicates the ideas to you and teaches you to teach them to your dog.Finally… buy a third copy because… some dogs *cough* have tendencies to nibble on certain people’s reading material, especially when allowed in the bed. (o.k. that’s an obedience issue.)As for the tricks, they range from basic sit/stay/rollover agility type tricks – – to classics like “bring me a beer”/”bring the newspaper” as well as a few parlor tricks/routines. The book also explains standard hand signals as well as commands.Incidentally – – there I would like a refund for 2 of the tricks. One involves the human doing a handstand, the other a cartwheel… Trust me, if you’re the “bring me my beer” trick type, you won’t be doing those two…All in all, this is one book that lives up to its own hype! Highly recommended!

  3. D. Abbenante
    | Reply

    Excellent Trick Training Book! All I can say is WOW!!! This book is very well done, the pictures are so clear and colorful. A great book for beginners or professional trainers.Each trick is detailed with easy to follow instructions.I have been a trainer for 30 years and have never found a book like this one!I am just very impressed!Kudos to Kyra Sundance and her performing dog, Chalcy!Debbie AbbenanteAction Pets USA

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