10 Ways to Bomb-proof Your Horse

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If your horse’s behavior is unpredictable; if he spooks easily in the arena or on the trail; if your horse bucks or rears; if he goes too fast; if it seems your horse just doesn’t listen to you — read 10 Ways to Bomb-proof Your Horse to help make him a safer horse.

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3 Responses

  1. Laura "Jackass Jill"
    | Reply

    Principles of Natural Horsemanship A straightforward guide to communicating with your horse. I like her emphasis on spending time learning horse body language, and becoming a team by establishing understanding and respect. She suggests doing solid ground work, and developing good, basic habits at a leisurely, fun pace, resulting in a reliable horse. Well written and easy to follow.

  2. Anonymous
    | Reply

    Definitely helped remind me to slow everything down. After being with the same horse for years, refreshed my view on developing the initial bond.

  3. Anonymous
    | Reply

    A very simplistic outline for my teen and new pony owner to follow. Helpful and realistic guidance to try. Can’t wait to get started

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