10 Tips for Healthy Canine Vision

When it comes to your dog, you know how important it is to keep them healthy and happy. But what many dog owners often overlook is how vital it is to care for their eyes as well. And eye care isn’t just important from a grooming standpoint – it’s also an important way to keep your pet healthy and free of potential problems.

Here are ten tips to help keep your dog’s eyes in tip-top shape:

  1. Start with the pupils. Check your dog’s eyes regularly to make sure they are clear and the area around the eyeball is white. Also, make sure the pupils are equal in size and there is no discharge in the corner of the eyes.
  2. Check the eyelids. Make sure the lining of your dog’s lower eyelid is a health pink. You can do this by gently pulling down on the lower eyelid to look inside. If the color is red or white, be sure to call your veterinarian.
  3. Clean the area. Wipe your dog’s eyelids regularly to make sure it is free of discharge or crust. You can do this by wiping outward from the corner of the dog’s eye – making certain that you don’t touch the eyeball, which can damage the cornea.
  4. Keep the eye free of soap. Many dog owners fail to realize that soap and other medications can irritate their dog’s eyes. When giving baths or applying medications, make sure you keep it away from your dog’s eyes.
  5. Put the windows up. Believe it or not, letting your dog stick his head out of the window while you drive is a major hazard. That’s because bugs, debris and wind can damage and dry out your dog’s eyeballs and cause potential problems.
  6. Maintain proper grooming. If your dog is a longhaired breed then make sure you carefully trim the hair around his eyes so hairs don’t get in his eyeball. It will also help him see better!
  7. Educate yourself on common eye disorders. If you don’t know the difference between conjunctivitis and cataracts, now is the time to start. By staying informed on eye-related disorders you’ll be better able to diagnose one faster.
  8. Know your breed. Some dog breeds are more inclined to come down with certain eye conditions. Therefore, know what possible inherited problems your dog can face so you can prevent them faster.
  9. Keep an eye out. Watch your dog’s body language to make sure he’s not suffering from eye problems. If he is rubbing his eye, it’s a sure sign there’s a problem!
  10. Clean your home. It may sound obvious but if your home is dusty or if there’s lots of dog hair, it could be irritating your dog’s eyes as well as your own. Buy a Swiffer and invest in a good air filtration system so everyone can see better!

Heather Green is a freelance writer and the resident blogger for collegescholarships.org, an informational website offering tips about minority grants.

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