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Welcome to the *new and improved* PetLvr Shop! Besides including various online shopping options, we are still a blog that hopes to provide information, news, health care, training tips, inspiring stories and even introduce new technology that makes life living on Earth with our Pets an even greater joy.



Van Ness Hamster Ball
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I recently ordered this from petstore.com and thought I would do a short video on it. It can be used 3 different ways: as a regular ball, on a stand, and on a stand in the … Read More

How Do I Stay Positive If Training Goes Badly? – Dressage Mastery TV Ep178
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Welcome to this weeks lesson! Today Natasha talks about staying positive when your training sessions are going ‘badly’!! You’ll love all the learnings from this video. It’s a great lesson! And make sure you check out … Read More

Teach your Parrot to say Hello! (No Background Noise)
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Train your Parrot to say Hello! Enhanced audio made just for your pet companion! They will be saying Hello in no time! Please follow and like us:Follow http://PetLvr.com/teach-your-parrot-to-say-hello-no-background-noise/ Read More

Tips to Harness Train a Parrot – GoodBirdInc.com
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Here are some tips to help get you started on some harness training with your parrot. The two amazons have progressed since this was filmed. The harness featured is the Aviator Harness . I also have … Read More

Clicker-Training: Shaping a Rat to Roll Back a Tube
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In this video Blackberry demonstrates how you can clicker-train your rat to roll an object backwards. Just another backwards trick to add to Berry’s collection 😉 I’m using oats soaked in water as a treat. Enjoy! … Read... Read More

Joey the Trained Ferret’s first trip to the beach!!!
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Joey got to experience the beach for the first time, and this video shows how he reacted! If you travel to the beach with your ferret please be sure they are not too hot! Ferrets can … Read... Read More

Items To Get Before Bringing Home Your New Rats
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Here is a video showing the supplies you will need to get before you bring home new rats! I hope this helps! If you have any questions or comments, leave them below! Etsy Shops: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RayaBearsBoutique https://www.etsy.com/shop/KnKDesignsShop … Read... Read More

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