About Product Reviews

http://PetLvr.com/ and the http://HART-Empire-Network.com does not normally provide or prepare reviews of products or services for cash, as we rely on other means of monetization of the blog and network. In addition, we probably carry or have many similar products available in our http://HARTmarket.com stores as well.

However .. we have decided to accept products for review on the following conditions:

1) No remuneration will be offered to us by the company, and we will not be under any obligation to post a review for products in question.

2) Our review will be honest and may be either positive or negative or neutral.

3) Any links provided in our reviews will contain the “No Follow” attribute.

4) Vendors will be required to send a minimum of three (3) units to be considered for review. One unit for a blogger review, one unit for the owner review of this blog, and one unit that the owner of this blog will give away to a random reader in future contests, yet to be named. All shipments must be prepaid. Giveaways will be duly credited back to the vendor in all promotions and contests, and if you wish to provide more products for giveaways, that will be appreciated!

5) Reviews will be done, in due time .. at our blogger’s convenience .. and we will contact the vendor after publishing our review.

For more details .. please use our CONTACT Form